Wednesday, August 02, 2006


"For Narnia! And for Aslan!" I heard Logan yell this the other day before charging into a room...we watched the movie the other day, and, of course, vbs...

Today's highlights: I bought "Floam." Riley got some for her birthday (thanks Aunt Deb) and Logan's been dying for it, so I got some for Em and Logan to share. Emmie immediately made a "patterkiller" (patricide?) or, caterpillar. Logan made a turtle and put it away. Novelty gone. Just goes to show you, it always looks better on the infomercial.

Next highlight: Lady at Sam's scolding Riley for taking a piece of mahi mahi without knowing what it was. What? She actually said, "No, honey, you shouldn't ever take something without knowing what it is." I pretty much said, "It's fish, Ri, you can have some." Why do older strangers always feel free to scold children? My children? Is it just the south? I guess I'm still just not used to that.

Next highlight: It's really hot here. Oh, that's not a highlight.

Next highlight: Emmie's new potty chair came. I opened the box, put it in the bathroom, and she immediately used it, saying, "Oooh! My new green potty!" That's gratifying. We'll see if it takes. I'm not a high-pressure potty-trainer. It's just not worth it to me until she's ready.

go emmie - i love your new green potty! hey, whatever it takes! :)
OK, I totally agree about other adults scolding our children. I don't like it either but I thought it was just me and my (often) wicked children. Camille has gone to potty several times but not with any consintency. I don't push either. She will potty when she is ready. janet
how do you spell not being constant?
consistent? incontinent?
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