Tuesday, August 08, 2006

more Emmie quips

(trying to get by me) "'Scuse me. I'm going to the restaurant with my friends." (She's two...)

"Look, Mom, I made an instument!" (out of two toys)

I just gave the kids some Lemonheads (five apiece, you have to count ahead or else they compare and someone freaks) and Logan hasn't eaten one yet - he's holding them in his hand still, and he just said "If you just gave me four more I could finish my flower." He's made a design with them. Sometimes he holds onto stuff and then it ends up in his pocket therefore in the wash and all over stuff. He's a pack rat.

Today he smooshed sillyputty into his favorite (camo) shorts. That was right before Emmie came to me with her finger held out saying "Look, poo-poo!" and sure enough, it was. So I didn't really have time to freak about the sillyputty. Which was good, in a way.

So tonight everyone got new shoes (thanks Gramma!) at Target. Logan's new church/casuals have a little lion on them and he said "Look! They have Aslan on them!" Riley got cool sneakers (she has "church" shoes that I got at a yard sale last year...) and Emmie slept through the entire experience (even with me trying shoes on her.) She woke up as we were putting her back in her car seat and I told her about her shoes. When we got home she was asleep again, but had put on her shoes (with the little elastic thingy still tying them together.) She loves shoes.

I transplanted sunflowers tonight. Why? Because I realized the pots I had them in were not big enough...and they are the only things that I started from seed that are still alive. I thought it would be cooler by around eight but it wasn't. Plus, now I'm afraid of Black Widows being everywhere. I was paranoid the whole time.

i didn't even know people sprayed their houses for spiders!
the biggest thing i remember about PopPop (other than his letting us count and roll his coins) was the scar on his forehead from the Black Widow ... and his intentional instilling a fear of spiders into BethAnne and me. Ugh.

i love the comments the kids made ... they are too adorable for words to express.

i love you.
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