Sunday, August 06, 2006

Last night when they came home from Zach & Molly's wedding the kids were telling me all about it. High points (from kid perspective): someone knocked over a table of glasses (not Logan), Logan broke a glass, the cake had different flavors in different layers, Molly was beautiful, the scattered petals. Then Logan says, "And Mom, the punch was exquisite!" Now Jeff claims he had recently used the word (though not to describe the punch) but I'm still impressed.

This morning Emmie, still not feeling well, wanted the tv on. I agreed, and was turning the channel to something for her. She kept crying and saying "I don't prefer that show!" until I found the right one. What in the world? Jeff just looked at her and said "did she just say she doesn't 'prefer' that?" Polite even in illness, that's my Em.

...enjoyed all of your posts! And so many during VBS week, I'm impressed!
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