Monday, August 28, 2006

conversations overheard

Logan - I want a hamster.
Jeff - We will never have a hamster.
L - Why? I want a hamster!
Jeff - Hamsters smell. We will never have a hamster.
Riley - I want a dog.
Emmie - I don't wanna dog! I wanna cat. Cats don't lick!
Logan - Well, all I want is a goldfish.
Riley - I just want a puppy. Puppies are cute.
Emmie - I don't want a puppy! I just wanna cat. Cats don't lick.
Riley - Dad says that hamsters, well, they don't love you they just poop and crawl around.

That's the pet discussion at my house.

don't tell Logan...we told Kate she could get a hamster for her b-day. she has it all pick out, hopefully the same peach-colored one will still be there in Dec. :)
Well Jeff is right, and some bite you have to be careful there. I remember a friend in gradeschool got a demon hamster, literally she had to use a can to take it out to clean the cage because it would bite you. You should have seen the claws on that thing, I think some were longer than a half an inch, and this was a dwarf hamster. I always picked out the good ones.
That's funny - and sad. We had hamsters when I was a kid and one escaped and then my mom found a little skeleton with a puff of fur around it sitting in a jar (it had fallen in and couldn't get out.) That was a sad pet drama in my young life.
OK< since we are telling rodent stories, I have one also. I told a guy I was dating in high school that I would like to have a dog so what did he give me??? 2 gerbils. I named them Ralph and Potsie from Happy Days because that was my favorite show anyway, Ralph would beat up on Potsie and eat all the food before Potsie could get to it. So, on one cold, fall morning, I awoke to a skinny, frozen, dead Potsie. It was too sad. Anyway, that is my rodent story. I say, stand strong Jeff, no rodents!!!
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