Friday, July 28, 2006

Overheard Logan conversation

I'm listening to Logan talk to my Mom:

"VBS is the funnest day ever! You get to do all these crafts and you even get to make a book. We're doing VBS about Narnia and there's even turkish delight which is in our daddy's office I didn't like it but my sisters did. There's some more turkish delight in another box well there's two boxes but we didn't taste that we just tasted the rose kind and it was kind of gummy covered with white flour I think it's flour or sugar or something. And maybe you could come to our VVS. I'll ask if we can save you a piece. (And Mom, can Grampa have some too?) Yeah, Grampa can have some too. And where are you right now...(pause)'s just that in our school stuff there's some stickers and I can make you something and send it in the mail if my mom says I can."

cute - hope VBS goes well!
wow, that's pretty demonstrative for someone who never has any fun at VBS ... and pretty demonstrative for Logan in general, eh?
our VBS is this week, too. around the world theme - each kid gets her/his own passport and gets a stamp from a country each night. on thursday i'm in charge of opening; it's china night.
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