Thursday, June 01, 2006

2-week catch-up

Well, in case you haven't heard, Riley had a hair-cut. It's shoulder-length, sent the rest off to Locks of Love. I can't get my camera to download pics to my laptop for some reason, so no pictures yet. We looked at the Locks of Love website at before and after shots of the kids who have the wigs made, and later Logan said, "Mom, I want to grow my hair out and donate it."

Speaking of Logan, he was playing beside me and got this weird look on his face, I asked what was wrong and he said "One-a my snouts just got all spicy-hot!" He meant he got a burny feeling in one of his nostrils...

The other day Emmie told me she was tired and went upstairs, pulled a chair up to her crib and crawled in. Jeff found her there a few minutes later and she told him she wanted to go to bed. How odd is that? It was in the morning, by the way.

She asks nearly every day about our trip to see the family - she'll say "are we gonna get our grandparents today?" They're all stoked.

Emmie is awesome. I hope my children are generally relaxed and do spontaneous crazy things. All your kids are awesome. Aww Logan would look a lot like Jeff in his surfing days, I think he should go for it.
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