Tuesday, April 04, 2006

quotes from today

Logan was watching something "scientific" on tv this morning. All of a sudden he said, "Did scientists invent everything? Did they invent trash cans?"

Conversation in the car:
Logan - cough cough
Me - You okay, Logan?
Logan - I'm okay.
Emmie - I'm okay, Momma.
Me - Oh, good, you're okay Emmie?
Emmie - Yeah. Don't bother Logan, Momma. Bother me.

Emmie - I've got the hook-ups. (Hiccups.)

Someone said to Emmie that she was being silly. She answered: "I'm not being silly, I'm being sad. You're being silly. I'm being sad."

Oh Emmie has the hook-up? I suggest no more gangsta rap for that child.
I agree with Hannah. Now we know what kind of music Jeff and Judy play on the minivan's CD player. Do you have hydraulics on it too?
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