Friday, March 24, 2006

more em

Emmie today in Walmart: "How 'bout we look at the shoes, momma?" (we looked, but she kept telling me she didn't like the ones I tried on her.) She was looking at boys shoes, and said, "How about those, mom?" I answered, "no, those are big boy shoes. We need little girly shoes." She immediately starts singing "girly, girly, girly in the morning, girly at noontime, girly, girly, girly the whole day through!"

She just woke up from her nap and said to me "how 'bout we go out for lunch, momma?"

Okay I don't normally comment but I just have to ask what it is with women and shoes?-It appears to be innate that even from as young an age as Emmie that there is a love for shoes.
I hate to say this, but it started at ten months. We were in Old Navy and I tried a pair of shoes on her - when I took them off she screamed for ten minutes. I knew then that I was doomed.
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