Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Emmie's a little bizarre

All day I was really impressed with Emmie for something, and I just figured out that I ought to be even more impressed...

To explain: Earlier today we were outside. Riley and Logan were riding their bikes, and Emmie was sometimes riding her tricycle, sometimes wandering around poking her little finger into various things on the lawn and in my little herb garden. At one point, since I didn't want her to wreck my little herb garden I said to her, "Emmie, get out of there, that's my garden." She replied, "Oh! I wish I had a garden."

Then, she seemed to think for a minute and said (seemingly at random) "You're Frog and I'm Toad. Hi, Frog." I played along, (impressed that my 27-month old could pretend and role-play at this level) "Hi, Toad." So she says, "Where's my garden, Frog?" And I played along, just making stuff up and being silly with her. This went on all afternoon - same conversation, different places through the house.

Just now I was thinking about how persistent she was with this little scenario, and thought about the Frog and Toad book, looked at it and sure enough, one of the stories is called "The Garden." Frog has a garden, Toad admires it and says to Frog, "I wish I had a garden." Then proceeds to plant one...

Is she, or is she not just too much?

I love Emmie!
You really ought to take her to a psychometrician. She might be a child prodigy!
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