Thursday, March 30, 2006

Crotts kid #4 looks about like this right now. A leaf-baby. I'm still in shock - but excited shock. Posted by Picasa

Yeah another sweet Crott's Baby. It is about time. What Judy is PREGNANT! You know that is all going to start again.
WHAT(I am in shock with/for you)!!!!?? That is AWESOME! It's your turn for the pregnant-jokes-from-husband now! Congrats!
This is how we find out!!!! Surely, you just found out also, right? Congratulations!!!!!
love, Janet
YOUR PREGO!!!!! WHAT!!????????
Congrats Jeff and Judy. We miss y'all a lot.
Judy's pregnant!?!?! Wow!
Congratulations! You always have the cutest little babies!
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