Monday, February 13, 2006

This is a conversation just now between Logan and Riley

L - Tomorrow I'm moving.
R - Where?
L - To Africa.
R - Which house in Africa?
L - The greenish-bluish one.
R - Is there a house beside it?
L - Well, one part is green and one part is blue.
R - But is there a house beside it?
L - Yeah, it's for my brother. (?)
R - Is there another house beside it?
L - Yeah, but another family lives there.
R - No, Logan, I have to live beside you!
L - No you don't.
R - Yes I do! This isn't fair, Logan!
L - Okay, but there's no more room in Africa.
R - Logan!
L - Okay, but I'm moving to Antarctica because there's space in Antarctica.
R - Where I can live?
L - Yeah, you can live aross the street.
R - And we'll eat a little bit of candy every day.

Now they're packing, but they won't let Emmie come.

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