Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Do you even realize the significance of this? I just took this picture. It's 10:23pm, Logan is asleep in his bed, and this...this is "the blink"! This marks a turning point in the life of my 4 and 3/4 year-old son. After he quit sucking his thumb (for money, what else) he gradually became less addicted to the blink - and here it is, under the kitchen table for the night, a tribute to his fleeting childhood. Or something. Posted by Picasa

Wow!! All of mine have "blinks" so that is a big deal when they forget about it. But in a silly kind of way it makes me sad!
It made me half sad, half relieved because the blink would get all "Logan-stinky" and he wouldn't want me to wash it. This morning, for some reason (like he realized he had forgotten it or something) he's carrying it around everywhere AND sucking his thumb. I asked him why and he said "I'm just so tired!" Late night at church...
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