Friday, January 27, 2006

my little storyteller

Emmie - I wanna show (tv).
Me - How about if you tell me a story instead.
Emmie - Okay! One upon a time, there was a little zoo. Time, a little giraffe. Time, a little rhino. And a giraffe got in a zoo, and couldn't get out. He cryin' (makes crying noise). And one upon a time, a little monkey (oo-oo-aa-aa). And a rhino. Be end.
Me - Wow, Emmie, good story!
Emmie - I wanna show.

When she gets scared now she says "Da God betect (protect) me."

judy? hello! i'm so glad that neither of us has to say "grace to you, this is judy / morgan" anymore. kids are way better! anyway, your links on the side confirm what i've been wondering for a while - it was you that wrote into real simple! anyway, your kids are super cute. hope everything is great!
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