Sunday, January 08, 2006

Church without Dad

We were about 40 minutes late for Sunday School - in some churches that means you missed it but in ours they're just warming up! Riley was glad to make it to class.

Riley's one desire was to sit in the balcony, which Dad never does. (We didn't. We sat on the other side of the church, though.)

During one of my favorite songs ever ("Where else have we to go, since you alone have words of eternal life"), I was called to the nursery to get my snotty-nosed toddler, who then did not want to stay in the service and hear Dr. Bruce Ware speak, though I did. We ended up in the hallway, cry room being unavailable. It was a great sermon, and I'm glad I fought to get to hear it.

Upon returning home, I asked everyone at lunch if they missed dad - a chorus of "yes" all around, then Logan said, "But church without dad went a lot quicker." He speaks the truth - even though I did stay and talk for half an hour...

I'm roused from my brief blogging moment by Emmie yelling "Mommy! Cleany-cleany!" That means she's made a mess. My little punk.

I heard the sermon was well-worth fighting to hear it. I am home sick, so I wouldn't know personally. Glad you made it to church. Where's Jeff?
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