Monday, December 19, 2005

why am I blogging at midnight?

I'm baking a cheesecake. I can't put it in the fridge till it cools a bit so I'm sitting here thinking of things the kids have said/done lately.

Recently I told Logan and Riley that eventually I'll move Logan into what is now Emmie's room, and move Em in with Riley. I thought he might not like the idea, but he said, "Wow! I could have all my boy stuff in there! No girl stuff will be allowed in MY room!" I'd like to finish off the bonus room (if we could) so I could still have a nursery though. (Not that there's a need for a nursery right now - I'm not announcing anything.)

Emmie's still afraid of everything. She likes me to pretend I'm a puppy, but then when I get down and bark she gets a little freaked and she'll say "do a kitty!" So I'll be a cat and then she'll still get a little freaked. Tonight on the way home from the party there was Christmas music playing on the radio and she said "I don't like that song, it makes me afraid!" It was Karen Carpenter or something like that. Granted, Karen Carpenter's a little scary.

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