Monday, December 19, 2005

Riley tells all.

Tonight we had our college group Christmas party and played dirty Santa. Someone opened a present that included a gel eye mask that you put in the fridge to chill and then put on your eyes to kind of relax. When they pulled it out Riley said, "Hey! My dad has one of those!" The person opening (Aaron Wilson) said "Did everyone hear what Riley just said?" and held it up and repeated her comment - needless to say, it was funny. To explain, I bought it for myself, and one day when Jeff was really tired I got it out and made him lie on the couch and try it out. Then he ran around some with the kids with it...

One of the gifts (since it was dirty santa I opened - and then lost - several) I was lucky enough to receive was a dancing hamster. It sang "Everybody was kung-fu fighting" and danced, waving a cute little pair of num-chucks (a word I don't really know how to spell.) Sadly, it was taken from me. I ended up with five bucks instead, so I'm not complaining.

Riley is going to a tea party in the morning with a bunch of little girls. She's so excited. It's a dress-up event, and she's taking a gift to exchange. She's so social, and she's been looking forward to this for weeks. Literally counting the days. Logan is beside himself - whenever she leaves him to go to a friend's house it's as if there was a death in the family. Every time she mentions it he gets so sad. We're working on the concept of "being glad for others when they have a special opportunity." It just isn't getting through yet.

Tonight Riley asked if we could make cookies to put out for Santa on Christmas Eve. I haven't really pushed the idea of Santa at all - either saying he's real or not real - I just haven't talked much about it. Obviously they hear a lot of input regarding "the real meaning of Christmas" and I guess I've just let the Santa stuff play itself out. They think he's kind of real - as in, it's a real person in a costume somehow, and Mom and Dad buy the presents...

Anyway, she said "can we make cookies for Santa?" and I said "sure." So she lit up, and then said "can we leave him some milk, too?" and I said "sure." So she thought for a minute and then added "and can we leave some for Mrs. Claus, because she'll probably have to come with him to help." I love her.

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