Sunday, December 18, 2005

new Emmie-isms

This morning as we were leaving for church Jeff looked down at the gas gauge and said "wow, the gas is really low" and Emmie immediately said "We're all gonna die!" We laughed, and so she kept saying it - "we're gonna die" most of the way to church. Getting into the car to come home, she started up again, and I said "Emmie, it's okay, we're safe!" and she answered "no, we're gonna die." What's up with that.

She's a bit grumpy this afternoon. She ate lunch, then I took her up for a nap. I was rocking her and said "I love you, Em" to which she replied "I not precious!" So I said "you're wonderful!" and of course she said "I NOT wonderful!" so I asked, "Well, what are you then?" She immediately answered, "HOLY!"

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