Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy new year's eve

Tonight we had our first annual Crotts New Year's Eve Family Game Night. It was pretty cool. Logan got a little bummed when he lost the first round of Old Maid, but then he won (and kept a good attitude), and won Go Fish and this cool animal pile-up game too.

It's wild to have kids that are old enough for this stuff. I love playing games with them - and they beg to play all the time. Logan is a whiz at "Memory" - it got a little freaky "searching-for-Bobby-Fisher-ish" the other night when we didn't think he was paying attention and then he cleared five pairs in a row out of the blue.

Riley wants to know how many days until Christmas already. I started to answer and then just said that I'm really not going to count that out for her right now.

The rocking horse has been a huge hit. Emmie's in it all the time, she even sits and reads in it. She loves it, and goes wild if anyone else (Logan) even mentions getting in it. She still thinks it's crying, and will pretend cry and point to its eyes.

We went to Barnes and Noble last night (which Logan STILL calls "Coffee Bell Town" - it started when he was two and he called Starbucks "Coffee Bell" you know, like not Taco Bell but Coffee Bell, and then B&N was "Coffee Bell TOWN") and in the parking lot Emmie looked around and said "Oh! All the cars! They gonna kill me!" Little Miss Paranoia.

Happy new year, everyone.

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