Monday, December 05, 2005

"Goon I have sthip? I wanna sthip. Goon I have coffee, Momma?" Lately I can't just drink my coffee in peace - Emmie always wants some.

I told her just a few minutes ago that she was wonderful and she replied "No, I precious!"

It's Monday morning, Jeff's in a meeting, and I'm considering the zoo even though it's about thirty degrees outside. This is Arkansas, it'll warm up. And sometimes having control is more important than being warm - ie., kids not running wild through the house is worth being cold. Maybe. We'll see.

Riley was invited to a tea party, so I told Logan he could invite a friend to come over that day. It threw him into a bit of a tizzy. Yesterday in sunday school he invited (although he was supposed to wait) a friend to come over and the friend said he never leaves his house. ? I'm not sure if something was lost in translation or not. Maybe he really never leaves his house.

Riley's getting bolder with reading. It used to be that she wouldn't attempt a word that wasn't in the curriculum but she's doing better. I've been having her read to me from one of those "I can read" books (I had them when I was little) and it's helping her be more confident, I think.

By the way, Ginny, did you get Logan's message? He thanks you for the birthday gift - he was a little confused but really likes the boat! (His birthday is in May, but he doesn't care - little people like presents whenever, especially when they get their own mail.)

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