Friday, October 21, 2005

Zoo times

Went to the zoo this morning. It's the first day I've wanted to since like April, as it's the first day it's not about ninety. It was about 65, but the rhinos still smelled really bad. Not as bad as when it's 90 though.

Emmie didn't like the lions. One was jumping up and scratching at the glass. Riley and Logan thought that was cool. Emmie said, "It eat me, momma!"

We went to see the giraffes, and her lion experience apparantly set the tone for the day - the giraffe was licking the door to it's cage (?) and she said "it eat me, momma!" We went to see the elephants, who were throwing dirt on themselves - "it eat me, momma!" And then the lambs, which Riley and Logan love to feed, and Emmie didn't want to because "it eat me, momma!"

We saw this goat that was so ugly I couldn't get over it, and I kept saying "that goat is SO ugly!" Logan said "well, do you wanna feed it?" And I just said "no" - so he said "why" and I said "because it's so ugly". At that point, Riley piped up "MO-0m, he can hear you!"

All was fun, all went well up to the part where some man offered to hold Logan over the gorilla enclosure so he could see. I just said, "uh, no - thanks."

That lion has some problem with blondes. Rachel, Daniel and I went to the LR zoo in early August, that lion was sittign right by the glass and when Rachel squatted next to her to pose she jumped up on the glass and opened her mouth like she was going to eat her and pawed at the glass. I did not get to catch it on camera, then Daniel took a turn posing by her and she had no problem, then it was my turn and she did the same thing and we caught it on film. My mouth is about as wide open as hers was. I feel Emmie's pain. She is so adorable by the way.
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