Saturday, October 15, 2005

old-fashioned bugs

Yesterday Riley and Logan were playing in the backyard and I heard Logan say "WOW! A cricket! Isn't that an old-fashioned cricket? In the old days it used to hop in the REAL grass!"

Now, I'm not sure what the reference to the grass was all about - does he not like bermuda grass? And as for the old-fashioned part - well, your guess is as good as mine.

As for Emmie, she won't go down in the yard now because when trucks go by they scare her. She runs to me saying "I scared, momma, I scared!" or "I 'fraid!" when any big trucks go by, and the neighbors across the street are building a house, so that's pretty much all day. It's sad. On the upside though, she still likes to be in her pack 'n play - maybe the confinement makes her feel safe or something - and when anyone else is in it (visiting babies, for instance) she freaks to get in - "MY pack an pay!"

They are the greatest kids, and I totally enjoy them. Especially when I've gotten out for two hours like I did this afternoon.

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