Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Emmie's 22-months and says things like:

"It really good, Momma!" (after dinner last night)

Putting her to bed the other night we went through the whole routine (which now includes singing "the 'bitty bitty pider'" innumerable times), I put her in the crib, gave her "baby & binkett", and she said "gimmee kissy, momma"
so I did
"gimmee huggy, momma"
so I did
"gimmee squishy, momma!" (which is when I squease her really tight and say "it's a squishy hug")

"I wanna do a puzzle!"

"I wanna ride my bike!" - she graduated to Logan's tricycle and can actually peddle a little

"It 'nita, mom!" - she points out whenever our neighbor (Sunita) is outside

And my least favorite - "I turn off the 'puter, momma."

"I wanna color, momma, I wanna marker."

She sings most of "Jesus Loves Me" - but gets a little over the song by the end of the first verse ("dey are weak in 'nere" - or interpreted - they are weak in there?) and usually quits in favor of singing "bitty bitty pider"

"I wanna get out" - every morning when she wakes up

"help me read it!" - loves to read

And she's full of praise - "you wunnerful, momma"

She's the greatest baby.

Totally the greatest baby ever!!!
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