Monday, September 05, 2005

our recent insect acquisition

Jeff caught a praying mantis the other day. Riley called it a "trying mantis" for a while, also a "tri-mantis" which is similar to a "tri-antula", I think (she still calls tarantulas that.) They let it go today because, according to Logan, it was dying.

Riley read Dr. Seuss' The Foot Book tonight with very little help. She's doing well reading. Loves first grade. She has such an upbeat personality, too - she bounces back from stuff really well. She's a great kid.

Logan is my little engineer still. He's always trying to make stuff with rubber bands and scraps of things. He designs buildings when he plays with blocks, and when he colors it's rockets and fire trucks and race cars. Total boy-o. He split his lip open on Friday - he was running through the house, I was just about to tell him to stop when Riley came around the corner...thirty minutes later we're at the pediatricians trying to see if he needs it stitched. (He didn't.) It resembles a hamburger.

Emmie is talking like a nut - in the car tonight she was chattering and said "a-b-c-8-9-10." She can count to ten, has (at least once) counted to twelve. She's only 21 months! Her latest craze is that she wants to play the computer games Riley and Logan do - Logan left the computer today and she said "Emmie pay game, Emmie do it" with her hand on the mouse. Among other oft-repeated phrases is "cut it out, Logan!" and "Lo-lo, where are you? Wiwey, where are you?" She follows them around (often right into trouble.)

hi judy.
my first time visiting your blog. it's great!!!! it's funny to me that Riley actually knows what tarantulas are ... shows that you aren't raising your kids in Maine!when will we see you again? can you e-mail me the house you e-mailed to deb? (out OBX)
love you all bunches.
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