Friday, September 30, 2005

the mind of a 6 year old

This morning it was about 65 degrees outside, and we (the kids and I) were out on the back porch. Riley turned to me and asked, "mom, can we have hot chocolate?" (The irony of which is that as soon as it dips below 70 degrees they think it's downright cold out.)
"No, not right now."
"Maybe later."
"Why is it called 'hot chocolate'?"
"Because it's hot."
"Well, because it's chocolate and milk, and it's warmed up."
"But why is it called chocolate?"
"Because it has chocolate in it." (I'm trying not to say it sarcastically now.)
"Like little chocolate candies?"
"Uh, kind of." (Do I really want to explain what cocoa powder is right now? I don't think so.)
"Wow! Now I get it - 'hot', because it's hot, and 'chocolate', because it's chocolate! Thanks, mom!"

And that, folks, is the mind of six year old.

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