Thursday, September 29, 2005

"I color dubbulyou in'ere! My green! My oran! (orange)" Emmie is into coloring - she can do circles, scribblings, dots...and her favorite letter is "w" so if anything she does looks like a letter to her then it is "w" of course. Now she's saying "I color bunnyrabbit! I color water!"

Yesterday Emmie brought me the little bouquet of flowers that go in the bathroom saying "Mmmm-mmm, i-keam cone!" It is cone-shaped.

Logan sat down to color a few minutes ago and he said "I'm going to create a masterpiece!"

Last night after awana we were in Jeff's office and the kids each had a piece of candy. A little boy was outside the door and I overheard Riley telling him about how they each had a piece "except my mom because she's losing weight." They tell everyone everything, don't they?

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