Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Oh. my. word.

I never thought this would happen to me. On the way home I craved barbecue. We stopped outside Memphis for some good old southern pulled pork barbecue, and it was good. The only problem was that about an hour after we ate I had the worst stomach ache ever since I haven't really (mostly) been eating meat, especially not pork, in months. So, not my brightest move, but it was good! I seem to have been at least slightly southernized. I also found that nothing was nearly spicy enough in the North, although the seafood kicked.

We're back from The Mighty Long Vacation. The kids are running crazy. Fairly near borderline certifiable. Or maybe that's me? I've unpacked most of the bags, except for Emmie's suitcase and one tote that has heaven-knows-what in it.

Emmie has a black eye - yesterday she was looking under a bench for a bug she thought she saw and tripped. It looks really sad. She works it though - when I kissed her tonight she pointed to it and said "kiss eye, boo-boo." The kicker is that she sounds terrible - her voice is totally froggy like she has laryngitis or something so it's heartbreaking and laughable all at the same time.

I'll scan some pics in soon of the trip. Got some cool shots of the kids, the ocean, the fam, etc. There's one of Em at the aquarium and she's so excited there's a vein popping out in her neck.

To all my dear fam: I love you, but I'm too emotionally unstable to leave my home that long ever again. I need, for survival, my own kitchen, and my own bed (where I sleep when at all possible apart from my three wonderful children who become slightly less wonderful to me if I have to sleep with them kicking me in the stomach, face or other body parts for significant numbers of night in a row.) That said, it was great to see everyone.

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