Sunday, June 05, 2005

weekend away

We just returned from "family camp" with our church. Some highlights...we passed through Goats Gap, Wooly Hollow, Pickles Gap, and Toad Suck, Arkansas, to get there. It's always an adventure.

The first night during the meeting Logan tapped my arm and whispered "Mom! I just saw a predator run across there [the floor]!" After further questioning I think it was either a cockroach or a cricket...

Emmie was over it all on the way home and when I turned around to look at her after about 3 hours of driving she was looking pretty bummed, so I said "Em, what's wrong?" and she replied "UN-buckle!" That was a first (using the "un" prefix...) And later on when I turned around she looked at me and said "home!"

Riley spent time with friends - at meals a lot of times the kids eat together so she was free to sit with the girls...I looked over at her today at lunch, and while everyone else was eating she was talking away, telling stories. Having a blast.

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