Saturday, June 25, 2005

vbs week

A couple of classics from the kids this week:

Emmie (Friday morning) didn't want to get out of bed. I went in to get her, she didn't move to get up but said "NO uppy!"

Logan was a bit Eeyore-ish about the week, even though he had a blast and every time I looked in on his group he was having fun. Monday I asked if he had a good time at vbs and he answered "no, it was hard" (morosely). Tuesday I asked how the day went and he answered "I didn't have any fun." Wednesday I asked Riley (in front of him) how the day went for her and she said "it was great, Mom" so I turned to Logan and he said (morosely) "yeah, it was great."

Another Emmie quip - Jeff was putting her shoes on Friday morning, trying to get us out the door and there by at least 8:15 or so, and I could hear her screaming. When I came to her and said "what's wrong, Em?" she answered "bih (big) toe, yue (shoe) NO on!" So I said "you don't want your shoes on your big toe?" at which she brightened and said "yeah, Mom!"

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