Monday, May 16, 2005

Riley's other tooth

Yesterday Riley's other bottom tooth came out (with help from me.) She said "mom, look at this" and it was sitting sideways in the middle of that two-bottom-front-tooth space and I just couldn't leave it alone anymore. So I got her to let me yank it - right before church. She was so proud of herself. Of course, the tooth went under the pillow, and I waited until she was asleep and then let Jeff do the honors of replacing it with money (we're keeping the cash flow low to start - it's fifty cents at tooth). I was gone this morning when she got up, but Jeff said the first thing she said was "awwh! I wished for a Golden Retriever!" Then she got over her disappointment and promptly shared a quarter with Logan - which is, to me, remarkable. She loves him! We had to read Robert McClosky's One Morning in Maine last night. I love that story anyway - the pictures remind me of "home" - when I was a kid - but the funny part is where the little girl loses the tooth and can't find it. Riley thought she lost hers, and thought she wouldn't be able to put it under her pillow and she was, briefly, devastated. Then found it - and there was great rejoicing.

We love that book too!
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