Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Logan's birthday

Logan had a great day, enjoyed himself immensely, and generally was sweet. We started of by going to Krispy Kreme (still a relatively new thing to Arkansas and a novelty to the kids) at around 7:00 this morning (with kids in pj's.) Then present opening followed by major sugar high. They all had a great day with Logan's new stuff - with the exception of Emmie's aversion to his new radio control truck. She pretty much hates it. Emmie doesn't really like for the toys in her world to start moving by themselves. Riley had fun - she's not above playing with army men and cars and trucks for the day, especially when it's all brand new...

We did experience (I hate to tattle) moments of Birthday Child, accompanied by Sibling of Birthday Child.

I have Birthday Headache.

Your kids are so cute! We love them so much.
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