Monday, May 16, 2005


The Logan-buddy is doing great. He used the word humongous in front of our neighbor tonight and she couldn't believe it. He's incorporated large words very naturally into his vocabulary since oh, about eighteen months. I read recently where at two he said to Jeff (after Jeff cut himself shaving and had little bits of toilet paper stuck all over his face) "I'm just fascinated with that white stuff on your face, dad." He's excited to turn four next week and is convinced that I'm getting him a robot (which I've never confirmed or denied.) He's also convinced that the tooth fairy is very real, although his faith in how wishes work is wavering a bit since Riley's wish for a Golden Retriever didn't "work" (she really expected on under her pillow.) He wanted her to use this wish to get him a remote-control dump truck full of candy.

can I borrow a with too?
Aunt Deb
I mean "wish" not with
Riley won't give up her wishes. You'll have to find a fountain.
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