Monday, May 16, 2005

Emmie news

Emmie is chattering. She's seventeen months as of yesterday and sang parts of "Jesus loves me" last week - "baboo tell me ho". Don't know what's up with that last part, but she also says "you" for shoe"... She also said a couple of days ago for the first time (after climbing over my feet and successfully walking away) "Day-ya-go, baby" (i.e., there you go, baby). Other vocab includes buckle, walk, my-do-it (as of tonight when she wanted to feed herself the yogurt), tickle, ee-yoo (when she wants me to smell her feet and say pee-yoo), I wuh you (I love you), home, she recognizes the way to the park from nearly a mile away and says "weee" (for the swing and the slide), wow-ah (flower), and other stuff I can't think of because of the fact that I run around after babies all day and it's 10:21 at night...

I love you Em
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