Monday, April 25, 2005

the wedding

The wedding was great. Jeff was good, of course, but the kids did everything asked of them and more. They were happy, made it down the aisle and back out looking cute as they could...see the pics for yourself. I bribed them hugely beforehand, of course. The night before the wedding I asked Logan what toy he would pick if he could pick anything, and he said "a remote-control truck" so I told him to think about that if he got scared, and after the wedding I'd get it for him. So, after the wedding was over I said "what were you thinking about while you were standing up there beside Hong?" Answer - "I was thinking about my remote-control car."

Went to the zoo today. It wasn't a "Big on Little Rock" day for me. The zoo people always have an issue as I'm going in, and today it was that all of a sudden the lid of my coffee cup might be harmful to an animal. After nearly six years, they decide to press the issue today (after an insane weekend.) Jeff intervened, and I kept my lid.

Emmie still doesn't like the lambs up close, as you can see from the action shot here. We just wanted to detox a bit from the weekend, but apparently it was field trip day at the zoo, so our normally calm zoo was a little crowded. Not so relaxing. Logan likes the new "naked mole rat" exhibit, which I find personally repulsive and unnerving. The little things kept trying to dig their way out of the plexiglass little rooms in a way that reminded me of a Poe short story.

hey - cute pictures! i love the cake picture! debjoy
should have put red lip stick on Riley
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