Thursday, April 14, 2005

today we did the zoo

Emmie didn't really want to go see the lambs. When I let her out of her stroller and said "go see the lambs with Riley" (not in a petting zoo, they were fenced) she said "no baaa, momma!" She says new words every day - yesterday "hand!" with her hand held out for me to wash. Today "poh-coh" for more popcorn (which she liked watching drop all over the floor at Target.) She obsesses a little over my shoes - if I'm barefoot she finds my shoes or slippers and brings them to me saying "Toe! Toe! Toe!" until I put them on...

Riley was observed being kind to Emmie by a stranger in Target. I was getting Ri and Logan Icees and heard a lady say to her little girl, "did you see how she gave her little sister popcorn before taking any herself? Wasn't that kind?" and she was talking about Riley. I said to the lady "and we cling to those moments, don't we?"

Logan still habitually hits his head. Yesterday he fell (or was pushed, depending on who you believe) off the bed and hit it on the windowsill. Today at the zoo he did one of those deals you see happen in slow motion: Logan crossing the hall in the snake room, me pushing Emmie's stroller forward a few inches so she can see the nasty alligator snapping turtle better, Logan not compensating for the stroller wheel, his toe catching the end of the wheel, Logan not catching himself in time, me not able to get there, his head bouncing off the wall (but not, thankfully, the aquarium glass, I guess), the whole room filled with wailing.

Everyone is peaceful for now. At least for a few more hours. I hope.

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