Saturday, April 30, 2005

Saturday stuff

Today was Riley's last soccer game for the season. She really started to get the hang of it - her coaches were great. She played hard today and had some good shots.

Logan is getting so grown-up in many ways - though he still always knows where his blink is. One of his few baby-isms is that he calls Vanilla Wafers "vanilla wipers," Riley always tries to correct him but I always stop her. Another kick he's on is that he wants "candy snacks and healthy snacks" - and in the store wants me to buy (probably because I've been on a sugar-free kick) sugar-free candy. Or will say, as we pass the ice cream aisle, "mom, ice cream doesn't have too much sugar, does it?" I hope I'm not warping the poor child.

Yesterday I was doing something in the attic room and Logan was under strict orders not to come in (he was standing in the doorway) when I turned my back for a second and he stuck his finger in a mousetrap (which closed on his little pointer finger.) He's fine, by the way, not even a bruise - but I don't think he'll do that again soon.

Emmie's a hoot. She stood on the sideline today clapping and yelling "yay Wiwey" for Riley at the soccer game. She says "tickle" to be tickled, and just started to "pray" - claps hands together and says "dee Gott" then "ah-mane" at the end. She's great. Elmo's still her hero. The world stops if he comes on TV.

yeah - hope the tooth fairy came through! She looks older already:)
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