Sunday, April 17, 2005

Read da book!

Emmie's first "official" sentence came yesterday - "Read da book!" - as she handed me her new book that I had just bought for her. Jeff was gone all day Saturday for an awana thingy so - like any good mother - after Riley's soccer game I took them to Toys R Us and bought each of them a new little paperback. Logan, predictably, chose Spiderman, Riley picked a My Little Pony thriller (something like "Pinky Pie's Surprise") and I got Emmie "When I Grow Up"(Mercer Meyer). She also said "tickle" after I had stopped tickling her.

Riley's game was a hoot. It was my first experience of parental outrage at someone being too old to be playing (on the opposing team.) All of Ri's team was scared of this one girl who was about a foot taller than everyone else on the field. She would rear her foot back to kick and they would all just back off. Kinda sad. Riley still doesn't seem to notice when her team isn't winning - she still has a blast.

Emmie can dribble the soccer ball (with her feet) down the field and back. She was quite the hit - all the parents were in awe "look at that baby with the soccer ball!" she turned and took it out on the field at one point but the girls were all at the other end, thankfully.

We've been planting stuff lately. Logan had a worm collection from when I was digging - he kept a sharp eye out for worms. I convinced him to let the one last survivor go today. The others were dead and stinky (he noticed they weren't moving but didn't put it together that they were dead yet.)

So is anyone reading this? Just wondering. If this is a failed attempt to keep in touch that's okay - feel free to leave a comment if you're reading though...

nice blog.

I read it all :o)
I'm all over it! debjoy
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