Sunday, July 23, 2006

more silly stuff

Emmie conjugates her verbs. Well...

The other day she wouldn't come to me (for the big nasty diaper-change) and I said "Logan, drag her over here." She started towards me saying, "No, don't drag me, I'm dragging...[then, right in front of me] I dragged!" I don't know which is worse - that she's like this or that I think (being a grammar freak) that it's kind of cool. It reminds me of when Jeff comes in from his garage office-hovel when studying and gives the rundown on some obscure fact of Greek syntax.

So just now (Sunday morning - I've been up forever this week as opposed to last when I had the benadryl fiasco) Logan came down (mellow and n0t-awake, that's his morning M.O.) saying "I had a bad dream!"

Me - oh, I'm sorry. What was it about?
Logan - I don't want to talk about it.
Me - that bad, huh?
Logan - Yeah.
Riley - Logan, sometimes it's good to talk about it. You'll feel better. What was it about?
Logan - a green man. And he was chasing me and pushed me and I fell. For real.
Me - You fell out of bed?
Logan - No, in my dream I fell for real.
Riley - and you really felt it?
Logan - yes
Riley - and when you woke up did you check all around and check under the bed and in the closet?
Logan - yes
Riley - I had a dream once about an ice cream cone and I really grabbed for it I really did in my sleep I really grabbed for it.
Logan - (flatlining)

Riley and I enjoyed about 5 minutes on the back porch together, talking about nothing really, just enjoying the morning, rocking, drinking my coffee, listening to birds - then she got scared about a "bee" that was a fly of some type, jumped up flailing around and backed into my coffee, at which point it's pretty much over (coffee all over me, the waste - appalling! [just kidding]).

Speaking of peaceful moments being over, mine is over now.

i love it!

i enjoy keeping up with their antics this way.
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