Sunday, June 03, 2012

We've been here three years already! Alaska is still amazing to me. Last week we drove down to Seward for the day. It was rainy-ish and overcast, but absolutely gorgeous.
The kids were all outfitted in raincoats and rubber boots - and out of about six pictures I have one in which they're mostly looking...
People always ask what they should do when they come to Alaska. Well, Seward is one of my favorites. This is a two-hour drive (one of the most scenic drives in the US, half of it is along the Turnagain Arm) from my house, and Resurrection Bay is breath-taking. Even on a rainy day.
They had fun, picked through tidal pools, tried to catch fish, Owen dumped out the bait, Emmie, Logan, and Carson all went in too deep and got icy cold water in their rubber boots. It was a good day.

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