Sunday, May 20, 2012

School's out! Riley will be going into 8th, Logan will be going into 6th, Emmie will be in 3rd, and Carson and Brady will start Kindergarden! This is a big year for me :) The snow is gone, temps hover around 60 during the day and 40 at night. Sunrise is 5:00 and sunset is 10:54. Lots of sun! This is the happy part of the year where Alaska turns into Paradise. Owen is three now, and is a hoot. He beat-boxes all the time - even just in his breathing pattern. What's up with that? One of his favorites is "goon-cha-goonch" over and over, or "uh-uh-ch." He does it while he's playing, and sometimes dances to his own little beat. I love it! Brady has an infection in the bone of his index finger and had to have a picc line put in last week. He's so careful with it, I'm proud of him. He's patient when I have to change his stuff and is really careful to not get his line all tangled. He's methodical and precise and has been amazing. Carson is obsessed with superheroes and being one someday. He's extremely confident that he knows karate (he doesn't). I did see him do this amazing take-down move on Brady a month or two ago - he did a cartwheel and then scissored his legs around Brady and took him down. I couldn't believe it.

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