Friday, August 14, 2009

My big blog name change has finally come!

Here's to all of you who've been suggesting the name change. You're right, I know. I'm slow, though, and dislike change and so I've taken over two months to change the name from 'saw to 'ska. Besides, I don't like being told what to do :) my sisters know that's right.

So here I sit in Alaska on a Friday night thinking it's a break because, while Jeff had to go out tonight at least he took two, and the most nutso two are asleep, leaving me with Emmie, Owen, and my cup of coffee. If only I could post pictures! Since I can't, words will have to do.

Let's see. Carson tried to chase a moose the other day. It ran down the street in front of the house, and all my kids were out playing. I called for Logan and his friend Miles, who were about 10 feet from the moose, for them not to startle it, and when Carson heard me, he yelled "MOOOOOOOSE" and ran for it. Not good. People have freaked me out about how moose trample people, and I was glad the thing ran away!

This place is unbelievably beautiful. Some friends took us to a place a couple of weeks ago that was mind-bogglingly beautiful. We drove about 2 hours, then went by boat (on Kenai Lake) about 30 minutes, and arrived at a little campsite. The lake is blue-green because it's fed by glaciers, and the mountains were lush green and fuschia (with Fireweed), steeply dropping off into the lake. There's snow and glaciers in spots on the mountain tops still (this was the end of July) and the contrast is stunning. The twins played in a bear-box (metal box to put your food in so bears don't get it) most of the time, and the others just had a blast building the fire, roasting marshmallows, driving the boat, shooting guns (yes, Jeff let them)and generally enjoying Alaska.

Today our LR house closed. We're buying one here that should close, if all goes well, September 10. We'll be really glad to get settled - unpacking stuff will be like Christmas! The kids have forgotten a lot of what they have packed away (so have I, actually.)

Emmie just locked herself out of the house and (gasp) rang the doorbell! The twins are asleep, so that's a cardinal sin.

Hopefully in a few weeks I'll have picture-posting ability - there will be lots to show!

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