Sunday, June 28, 2009


My recent blogging attempts have been completely thwarted! Once I got out alone (small miracle) found a coffee shop with wi-fi, got online and ready to upload some stuff and - blip - my battery died with no available outlets nearby to plug into. Then the other night I went to 3 (THREE) different places before I found a place A) open, B) with wi-fi and THEN, just as I got online I heard "Borders will be closing in 10 minutes" so, it's just not been working out!

Here are some recent quotes.

Saturday was the 50th year of statehood celebration for Alaska, and I took the 3 olders and O downtown to check it out. We were standing at a tent watching a potter do his pottery thing, and he was talking about what he was doing, explaining stuff to the kids. He got to the point where he was beginning the clay on the wheel, and formed it up into a tower, then pushed it down, tower, down, tower, down and Emmie finally said "Do you even know what you're doing?" and cracked up all the people watching him.

Emmie is now telling people she spells her name "EmmY"

Today in Sunday School a little boy in her class said "I don't want any girls near me! to which she replied "Then who's gonna nurse your babies?"

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dank, Pee-pie.

Some quips:

Every time we get where we can see the ocean I say "look, guys, the ocean!" and after a few days Riley answered one time "Yeah, yeah, the muddy beach." The inlet has pretty extreme tides, and when it's out the mud flats go on forever.

Then the other day I was exclaiming over the mountains, which are dramatically beautiful and she said, "Mom, to an adult the mountains are like WOW, THOSE ARE REALLY BEAUTIFUL and whatever but to a kid it's like, oh yeah pretty. Now what can I do."

Brady's first attempt to say "motorcycle" = maint-uh-hi-hi-co-co. So we keep saying it over and over.

This morning when he thanked me for breakfast he said "Dank, Pee-pie." Which I think meant "thanks, people" because I say to the kids "okay, people..." all the time.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Alaska update

We're here! Have been for coming up on 2 weeks (on Monday). As I write it's 10:47 and the sun hasn't set yet - won't until about 11:45. My kids (older 3) are still up and having a blast, but it's Friday night, and it's ALASKA so why go to bed?

We are in a rental home that has, from a kitchen window and parts of the porch, an amazing view of the mountains. I like to sit in one of the kitchen windows on the counter and look out with (what else) a cup of coffee. We're enjoying the 70-ish degree days and lower humidity! The trees and flowers remind me a lot of my childhood growing up in Maine - white birch, spruce trees, lupine growing everywhere, wild rose bushes.

We're settling in but are still in transition as we are waiting for our house to sell before we buy anything here. Our stuff is in a garage here where we are staying, so if we need anything enough we can go hunt it out. I'm really trying not to open much though, since I'll just have to pack it again.

People have been super sweet and welcoming. The kids attended VBS this week and began making friends. Carson hasn't bitten anyone in the nursery yet, which is really great!

Thanks to all of you who have prayed us through the big move. The flight went as well as I think it could have, when you imagine how flying with 6 small children could go. They totally messed up our seats and each (of 3) flights we had to try to arrange our seats as together as we could on totally full flights. The kids thought flying was the coolest thing ever - upon takeoff (the first time) all 3 olders put their hands in the air, roller-coaster-style. Carson ran in the cockpit once, and while going through security ran and grabbed one of those wands they frisk you with...nice. I only freaked a couple of times - like while I changed Brady in the bathroom on the plane, an experience I wouldn't recommend to anyone. Hand sanitizer really comes in handy sometimes.

New funnies

A couple of new favorite sayings:

Em - Hey Mom, what makes orange?
Me - Red and yellow.
Em - Killed a fellow.
(once I got it I laughed. She didn't mean it as a joke though.)

Logan asked me to make him "caramel milk" - caramel syrup in milk - and while I was making it exclaimed "Now YOU'RE the kind of person who puts in ENOUGH!" Apparently his father skimps on the syrup...

Logan - (running up to me) Mom, Emmie's calling the pan black.
Me - What?
Logan - She's calling the pan black.
Me - What are you talking about?
Logan - Well, she's going to tell on me for doing something to her that she was doing to me. She's calling the pan black.
(I gave a big speech the other day about the POT calling the KETTLE black...)

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