Monday, June 23, 2008

This is at the Grand Canyon walking back on the little narrow path. Beautiful but nervewracking.

Today I made a pot of coffee (french press style) and took it upstairs to fold my seven overflowing baskets of laundry. Em came up and said "Oh, Momma! What is that BEAUTIFUL smell???" (she meant the little disciple.)

Brady, Brady

Carson looking up at Logan - they love him so much!

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Brady looking up at Logan

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my little brown jungle boy

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One of Carson's favorite spots

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Em's rendition of Spongebob and the magic pencil

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Inklings of the future...

Me - Em, go get dressed.
Em - But I have so many beautiful clothes that it's hard to pick!

Em (pointing to an outfit of which she did not approve) - This isn't very fashiony.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Emmie's review of Roald Dahl

We just finished reading Roald Dahl's George's Marvelous Medicine, and as soon as I finished the last page Emmie exclaimed, "Phew! That book was a disaster! That book made me tired! That book made me a disease!" Apparently she didn't like it. I think it made her nervous or something...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I "kennel" the twins on the back porch and let them play


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Thursday, June 12, 2008

dinner conversations

Tonight's dinner was without Jeff, since he's in a meeting. Conversation rapidly degenerated, along these lines.

R - "Why did the booger cross the road?"
Me - To get to the other slide?
R - No, because he was getting picked on.
L - Why did the rock cross the road?
Me - Because he was getting picked on?
L - No, because he was getting KICKED on.
Me - Why did Brady cross the road?
L - Because he was getting picked on?
Me - no, to get to his other pacifier.
L - Why did Carson cross the road?
Me - I don't know.
L - To get to the gross rotten Cheerio. He loves gross rotten Cheerios. One time he was eating one and I didn't even take it away from him.
Me - Ewww!
Em - Why did the booger cross the road?
Me - Because he was getting picked on?
Em - No, to get to the other Cheerio!
(At this point, I laughed out loud at the utter random futile humor that I'm surrounded with, and even enjoy to a degree!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Overheard while I'm sitting at the computer just now

Logan - Remember when John the Baptist gave Dad that stuff?
Riley - What?
L - Remember when John the Baptist gave Dad his hat?
R - WHAT??
L - Remember when John the Baptist gave Dad his hat and, you know, all his stuff? His doctorate and stuff?
R - That wasn't John the Baptist! That was John MacArthur!
L - Oh, well, remember that? All the guys in funny hats and stripes and stuff? Did Dad get to keep his doctorate and funny clothes?

Monday, June 09, 2008


As I was doing laundry yesterday Em ran to the dryer and yelled "I want to clean the fog off!" Meaning the dryer lint...

Last night, heading off to bed, I kissed her on the head and she got this funny look on her face, so I asked "what's wrong" and she said "kisses make me want to faint!" and threw herself over backwards. My little drama queen.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Anti-climactic birthday

Em said something today like "if a bird ate me, I would still be alive because they don't have any teeth."

The twins are one. Everyone told me that the first year would be the hardest so now we'll see if that's true. I'm cautiously hopeful.

I bought them just two presents - a little r/c car (with one big button) and a little tent (for indoors). It just seems like they have tons of stuff already and they wouldn't notice anyway. And I was tired while shopping. But they had a blast and all the kids like to get in the tent...together.

They ate cupcakes and made a huge mess, after which I put them out on the porch in their tiny blow-up pool for a bath. It's so little they can crawl in and out of it repeatedly (which got most of the cake off.) This is either lazier or more resourceful on my part, not sure which. I did use actual baby soap on them though. My tired little one-year-olds went to bed sweetly. Time for me to do the same.

Logan has finally lost his bottom teeth - he's thrilled to be getting new ones already

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Em's chalk carrot on the driveway - she's got a way with chalk...

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R's new 'do

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What would I do without the cheese-monkey

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Carson was very serious about getting a whole cupcake. He watched everyone eat and ate his, but took it seriously.

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Brady, in traditional turning-one birthday cake-smeared pose

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Monday, June 02, 2008

(in the church bathroom)
Em - don't leave me, okay Mom?
Me - I won't.
Em - don't ever leave me.
Me - I won't ever leave you.
Em - don't even think about leaving me. don't even IMAGINE it.
Me - I promise. I won't even imagine it.
Em - I dreamed that you left me and it was in a fiery house.
Me - I would never leave you in a fiery house.
Em - but I dreamed you did. you left me in a fiery house!
Me - did you get out?
Em - no, I couldn't get out and I died. but then I went to heaven and lived forever so that was okay.

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