Thursday, October 02, 2008

Discussing baby names with Emmie:

Me - what boy name do you like?
Em - Well, I really like Sam.
Me - Sam's a good name. What about a girl name?
Em - How about Cutie?
Me - Well...what about Fiona (kidding)?
Em - I just don't know if I could get used to it. There's a weird part - FEE. And the O, that's weird.
Me - Any other ideas?
Em - How about Princess? Or, this is a silly name, how about Clown. (Pause.) How about COFFEE!

Me - Emmie, the Lord is good to us.
Em - I know. He's the best guy in the world.

Em - When it rains, is it God spitting?

love it !
tell Em - how bout the name Precious? There's a girl in Katie's class named Precious! Only sometime Precious isn't so precious - she stole Kate's treasure chest prize & wouldn't give it back! :)
could she be any cuter????
he's the best guy in the world?!??!!? awesome!!

AND, I am a big fan of the name Sam.
Emmie is so funny!

Although Jewel has come up with some crazy ideas and says funny things, I think Jane might be our extra-imaginative child. She plays pretend all the time with imaginary friends.
i vote for cutie or clown crotts! that girl is too funny!

for the longest time a.j. was telling people that anna's name was going to be "alphabet." i think b/c we told him it had to be something that started w/ an "a" and hey, alphabet starts w/ a in every way!
I am soo glad you write these down. She is a hoot.
WHHHHHHHHY are you discussing baby names!?!?!?
is it just because or cause there's a reason!??

just checking.
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