Tuesday, March 04, 2008

this is SOOO Brady...he is always desperate to eat, and dying between each bite.

I laughed out loud through this entire video!!!! hilarious. He's like demanding food with each bang. At least, he's communicating. So stinkin' cute. Boys just EAT!
Funny. Robert used to do the same thing, except he added a loud, desperate, panting, whine to the banging. He is 5 now and describes himself as a carnivore. At the chili dinner he ate 2 dogs, 2 full bowls of chili, 2 brownies, and said he was hungry on the way home. You need to put some of your grocery money into some kind of high interest account or something, or you'll have to get a second mortgage to feed the kid when he gets older.
hey jude, that's how jordan was...guess he was starved in the womb that last month or so in italy. they sure spend years making up for it xxoo
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