Thursday, June 14, 2007

I think we're settling into life with Carson and Brady. They pretty much do what babies do and aren't fussy much at all. They've been really good boys!

Emmie was glad to have me home. She came up to the couch and pointed to all my hospital ID bands and said "Why do you still have those?" I told her I could take them off now, and let Logan cut them off my arm. As soon as they were off she clapped and yelled "Hooray! Now you're good as a Momma!" She also loves it when one of the boys pees when his diaper is being changed - the first time she saw Brady do that she jumped up and down laughing and clapping - it's very entertaining to her.

Tonight she prayed at bedtime "Dear God, help Momma to get better, keep the baby boys safe, and please let me catch the biggest catfish next time."

It's fun to read all of your comments! Especially fun to hear from old friends far away. It makes me feel less cut off from the world - I pretty much don't leave my room still. This has been a much more traumatic delivery than any of the previous, and taking longer to recover. After Tuesday's ER run (I was having trouble breathing and my doctor made me go in to check for a blood clot) I didn't go back downstairs until this afternoon! So thanks for broadening my world a bit.


i am so looking forward to coming down there and meeting the new boys.

and laughing at Emmie.

and playing with Logan.

and watching riley play soccer, hopefully.

love you sooooo much; glad you are getting better. we pray for you 24/7
Glad to hear you're all home! The twins are precious! Praying for a quick recovery!
such blessings! congratulations - they are so sweet
I just got back from Florida and was wondering if they caught any fish! I love the pictures! It looks like they were successful! I'm so glad! I'll be calling to check on you this week.


check out amy's blog
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