Friday, June 01, 2007


At Wednesday's ultrasound the twins were measuring at 7lbs 6oz EACH. We'll see, I know those things are like "plus or minus 6 oz" or whatever, but still...

I'm tentatively scheduled for a week from today for a c-section. My doctor is saying we'll see, and that if I'm doing well we might let them stay in a bit longer. Basically you just trade a potential week of them being in the NICU for a week of my being really uncomfortable...I think I'd rather be uncomfortable and have them be able to breathe.

all I have to say is 'ouch'. Way to hang in there, Judy!!!
way to sacrifice comfort for the "greater good" ...
but you poor, poor baby.

i love you all!!!!!!
Hang in there Judy! Hopefully you can still breathe. Those boys better be REALLY GOOD TO YOU!!!!

We love you.
Talk about GOOD sized twins! And to comment on the pic of Emmie hiding from you...I thought I had it bad because I'm starting to trip over Judah's toys that I can't see. I can't imagine not being able to see a whole child! :-P Blessings be upon you for keeping such a good attitude (at least outwardly)! ;-)
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